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 Véhicules militaires ZBL-09

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MessageSujet: Véhicules militaires ZBL-09   Ven 25 Avr - 16:35

Citation :

The ZBD-09 or ZBL-09 is a wheeled infantry armoured fighting vehicle designed and manufactured by the Chinese Defense Company NORINCO China North Industries Corp. The ZBD-09 was presented for the first during the military parade in Beijing for the 60th anniversary of the Chinese army (PLA), the 01 October 2009. The ZBD-09 was based to the chassis of the VN1 8x8 wheeled chassis.

The ZBD-09 is fitted with a two man turret, armed with an Ukrainian modified 30 mm automatic gun. A 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun is fitted to the left side of the 30 mm gun. To each side of the turret is mounted a launcher system, for the wire-guided Hong Jian-73C anti-tank guided missiles. Two lines of three smoke-grenades discharger are mounted to each side of the main gun.
The hull and the turret of the ZBD-09 is made of high hardness armor steel, which provide a protection against 12.7mm armour-piercing incendiary (API) strikes frontally at 100m, 7.62mm API on the sides at 100m and 7.62mm ball at the rear. The ZBD-09 can also be fitted with add-on armour package enables the vehicle to survive 25 mm API frontally at 1,000m and 12.7mm API on the sides at 100m.
According to Chinese sources the ZBD-09 is motorised with water-cooled Diesel engine DEUTZ BF6M1015 CP coupled to a mechanical transmission with the synchronizer affording superior performance in tropical zone, desert and plateau. The ZBD-09 adopted an 8x8 all-wheel driving configuration, independent suspension system and axles with differential lock enabling the ZBD-09 to get excellent cross-country performance. . Its power to weight ratio of 16.5 kW/t enables the 8 x 8 version to climb a 30° slope, cross a 1.8m trench and climb over a 0.55 m vertical obstacle.
The ZBD-09 is fully amphibious, it can swim at a speed of up to 8 km/h. It is propelled in water thanks to two propellers fitted at the rear of the hull. The ZBD-09 is equipped with a collective NBC protection system, automatic fire extinguishing system enhancing survivability of the vehicle. The ZBD-09 is also equipped with a central tyre inflation system which can inflate or deflate the tyres and test the tyre pressure automatically. In option, the ZBD-09 can be equipped with a powerful air conditionning system, a GPS (Global positioning system) and a winch.

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Véhicules militaires ZBL-09
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